Academy Uniform Store

To order additional academy uniform items, use the form below to select items and process your payment. Items must be paid for in full before delivery. If you are a student of the Criminal Justice Training Center in a class other than the Basic Police Academy, you can pick-up your item(s) from the Criminal Justice Training Center Administrative Offices located in room 1001. If you are in the Basic Police Academy, your Recruit Training Officer will deliver your equipment. In all cases, please allow 48 hours for orders to be filled.

 Item Description  Price  Payment
 Academy “Class C” T-Shirt  $15.00


 Academy “Class C” Shorts  $20.00


 Academy Sweat Shirt  $45.00


 Academy Sweat Pants  $40.00


 Academy Ball Cap  $15.00

 Academy Jacket  $65.00


 Academy Backpack  $45.00

 Academy Binder  $10.00

 Academy Water Bottle  $5.00

 Stinger Flashlight  $85.00