Corrections Program

The corrections profession offers many entry-level job opportunities for people looking for challenging work in a wide variety of very diverse working environments.

Every county in California operates a county jail which employs correctional officers to supervise inmates and to operate the jail facility. Counties also operate a juvenile correctional facility and a probation department that is responsible for supervising both juvenile and adults who are put on probation by the courts. Some of the careers available at counties throughout California include:

  • Correctional Officer – works in an adult county jail facility
  • Juvenile Correctional Officer/Juvenile Probation – works at a juvenile hall
  • Adult Probation Officer – supervises adults who are put on probation
  • Juvenile Probation Officer – supervises juveniles who are on probation or in custody

Every employing county has its own set of requirements for hiring people to fill these jobs, but in all cases, people hired for these jobs need to complete a core course certified by the State of California. Our Corrections Program offers the certified training required by the State of California to students who are already hired as well as for those students seeking a career in local corrections.

The Adult Corrections Academy is a 200 hour training program that meets the requirements for correctional officers as certified by the Standards for Training for Corrections.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.
  • Explain how personal biases can influence decision making in the job of adult correctional officer.
  • Explain how the Corrections Code of Ethics influences decision on and off duty in the job of adult correctional officer.
  • Comprehend and retain factual and technical information related to the profession.
  • Demonstrate physical fitness, stamina, and fine motor skills related the profession.

Adult Corrections Core Class 2 Adult Corrections Core Inspection
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