Employment Opportunities


The Criminal Justice Training Center is committed to developing an instructional and support staff that reflects the local law enforcement profession and greater communities of Napa and Solano Counties.  We believe is selecting the most qualified individuals to lead our students.  We are interested in applicants who are highly ethical, who are leaders in their community and work place, and who understand and believe in the tenants of procedural justice and the community policing philosophy.  We value applicants who have demonstrated flexibility, commitment, and who enjoy being on the front edge of innovation and change.

Requirements And Qualifications

Applicants for Scenario Evaluator and Recruit Training Officer must have at least three years of full time law enforcement experience or other experience related to the instructional assignment.  

Applicants for Instructional positions require the successful completion of the California P.O.S.T. Academy Instructor Certification Course (40 hours) or equivalent and at least one of the following:

    • An Associates Degree and 6 years of full time law enforcement work experience.
    • A Bachelor’s Degree and 3 years of full time law enforcement work experience.
    • A Master’s Degree and 3 years of full time law enforcement work experience.

The ideal candidate has law enforcement experience in California and is a graduate from the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center.

Application Process

Applicants interested in working as a Scenario Evaluator, Recruit Training Officer or Instructor are required to begin the selection process by submitting the following documents to the Academy Director:

      1. A professional resume that includes formal education, law enforcement experience, and any specialized training completed. 
      2. A letter of interest detailing what position(s) and subject(s) of law enforcement you are interested in teaching.  Please be specific.
      3. A letter of recommendation from any law enforcement supervisor.

Mail hard copies of these documents to:

Napa Valley College Criminal Justice Training Center
Attn: Damien Sandoval
2277 Napa-Vallejo Highway
Napa, California, 94558

The most qualified applicants will be invited to an oral interview.  Applicants for an Instructional position may be required to present a teaching demonstration.  Finalists will be asked to complete a Napa Valley College application for employment and must be approved by the Napa Valley College Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Human Resources.  All applicants are subject to a background investigation.  All applicants must complete the Training Center’s new employee orientation program as a final step in the hiring process and before being assigned to work.  Applicants selected for an instructional assignment must complete the California P.O.S.T. Academy Instructor Certificate Course within 12 months of hire.

Everyone working at the Criminal Justice Training Center is an employee of the Napa Valley Community College District.  All processes associated with recruitment and selection of employees comply with the policies and practices of the Napa Valley Community College District.

Positions And Instructional Topics Currently Being Recruited:

    • Scenario Evaluator
    • Criminal Agents Instructor For Chemical Agents Training for Trainers (must meet California P.O.S.T. regulation 1070 requirements)