Requalification Course

  • POST Requalification Course

    This POST-certified, 144-hour minimum course serves two purposes:

    1. Three-Year Requalification*
      This course is available to individuals who have successfully completed a POST-certified Regular or Specialized Investigators’ Basic Course, the Basic Course Waiver (BCW) process, or have a three-year or longer break in qualifying employment from a California law enforcement employer for which the position required completion of Regular Basic Course (RBC) or Specialized Investigators’ Basic Course (SIBC) training.
    2. Basic Course Waiver Assessment Process
      After an evaluation has been approved by POST, the requalification course must be completed to meet the assessment requirements of the BCW process unless an individual qualifies for the testing process.

    *Six-Year Exception: Individuals who successfully completed the RBC, SIBC, or Basic Course Waiver process on or after July 1, 1999 but who never served in a position for which a Regular or Specialized Investigators’ Basic Course was required by law, may requalify by completing the POST Requalification Course one time within six years from the date of basic course or waiver process completion. After six years, those individuals must complete the appropriate basic course (RBC or SIBC) to requalify, regardless of when the Requalification Course was completed.


    Requalification Requirement
    As specified in Commission Regulation 1008, requalification of Regular Basic Course (RBC) training is generally required when:

    • An individual does not become employed in a position that requires the RBC within three years of successful course completion, or
    • An individual completes the RBC, and subsequently has a three-year-or-longer break in service from a position that requires the RBC.


    Course Description
    Presentation methodology includes lectures, practical exercises, demonstrations, and instructional activities. This course requires students to demonstrate techniques that require physical ability. Concerns may be discussed with course presenters.

    The Requalification Course Content includes portions of the basic course which:

    • Change rapidly,
    • Address critical manipulative skills related to officer safety or civil liability in areas which persons are most likely to experience reduced proficiency,
    • Address related critical subjects.

    Student understanding of cognitive material (e.g., law changes) will be evaluated by the administration of a comprehensive test. Testing will not be required for instructional blocks that are not tested in the basic course (e.g., cultural diversity, ethics, sexual harassment); however, students must participate in any associated instructional activities. Exercise tests will be required to evaluate students in all manipulative/psychomotor areas pertaining to the Requalification Course.

Application Process: Download Requalification Course Application Package

The maximum class size is 30 students.  The class will be filled on a first come, first enrolled basis. To obtain a seat you must download the Requalification course application packet below and:

  • Complete the online application for admission to Napa Valley College.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Attach a money order, cashier’s check, or agency check made payable to “Napa Valley College Criminal Justice Training Center” for $621. Out-Of-State students please call (707) 256-7700 for cost.
  • A firearms clearance letter from the Department of Justice (within 90 days of the class start date and must be the original copy).
  • A completed “Medical Examination Report” clearance form, signed by a licensed physician dated no more than 6 months from the beginning date of the course you will be attending.
  • A training profile from P.O.S.T or a P.O.S.T. waiver letter.
  • Credit registration form.
  • NOTE: Effective January 1, 2022, all students are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.  The date for the second dose or single Johnson and Johnson dose must be 14 days or more prior to the first day of class.  Submit a proof of vaccination with your application packet.

Remember, all the required forms must be submitted at the same time to reserve a seat in the course.  A $50 non-refundable fee will be charged for costs associated with ordering materials and supplies for your participation in the Requalification course.

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Required Application Forms: Online Application For Admission To Napa Valley College
Download Requalification Course Application Package

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